Services Offered

Here are the services that I provide.

NetSuite Integrations

I'm helping companies integrate NetSuite with other systems, including legacy systems, third party systems, and of course, PromoStandards. Click here to learn about the NetSuite / PromoStandards Integrations that I've developed.

PromoStandards-Based Services

I'm helping promotional products companies - including both distributors and suppliers - with PromoStandards. I'm integrating PromoStandards into distributors' systems to help them improve efficiency and get a competitive edge. I'm developing PromoStandards services for suppliers so that they can provide those services to their customers. I provide these services through, which also serves as an example of what you can do with the data that PromoStandards gives us access to.

FileMaker Integrations

I've been using FileMaker for many years now. Today, most of the work that I'm doing with FileMaker involves integration. I've integrated it with all sorts of things, including ERP systems, mobile and Web applications, Web sites, and more. If you need help integrating FileMaker with another system, let's talk.

And be sure to check out Temper, an open source, Xojo-based API framework that I've developed to make integrating with FileMaker a little easier.

Custom API Development

Over the years, I've developed a number of custom APIs to expose data and services from a wide range of sources and systems - ERP systems such as NetSuite, databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and FileMaker, e-commerce systems, and more.

If you need an API developed that's reliable, fast, and easy to use - an API that developers will actually enjoy using - then get in touch with me.

Custom Web Development

There are a number of great off-the-shelf and "software as a service" solutions available today. They've been developed to meet nearly any business need that you can imagine. And yet, quite often businesses find that what they do is so unique that the software that they need to do it doesn't exist. I develop custom software for those situations.

If your business has unique needs or processes, and you want to explore custom software, let's talk.