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Thoughts on the recent redesign of my site, and the current state of Web design and development. Redesigned
The PromoStandards-based, experimental promotional products search engine gets a redesign. Product Search API & Promo.Zone Search Engine Enter Beta Testing
The PromoStandards-based product search API, and a Web site that demonstrates how it can be used, have been released to beta. Product Search API Announced
Announcing my latest PromoStandards project - an API that provides search capabilities across consolidated supplier product info. JSON API Launched
Announcing the launch and general availability of the JSON API.

PromoStandards Workshop 2.0 Panel Discussion
I'll be participating in a panel discussion at the 2nd Annual PromoStandards Workshop. JSON API Announced
Announcing a new PromoStandards-related project that provides a JSON interface to the services.

PromoStandards Standards Committee Nomination
I'm honored and excited to have been nominated to the PromoStandards standards committee.

Helpful PromoStandards Development Resources
A list of resources that I've found to be helpful while work on PromoStandards development projects.

PromoStandards Inventory 2.0: Early Beta Testing
Information and examples of Inventory 2.0 service calls.

PromoStandards Inventory 2.0: What to Expect
An overview of what's coming in the upcoming new version of the Inventory specification.

Working With The PromoStandards Service API
A few tips on using the PromoStandards service API to make the most of the standards.

PPAI Tech Summit 2017: A Recap
A quick overview of what I learned and discovered at this year's PPAI Tech Summit.

The 2017 PromoStandards Workshop
Take-aways from the first PromoStandards workshop.

PromoStandards Services Overview
Learn about the family of services that make up PromoStandards.

The Importance of PromoStandards
Why PromoStandards are so important to the promotional products industry.