Hi, I'm Tim Dietrich. I help promotional products companies with PromoStandards.

PromoStandards is an initiative being led by some of the leading companies in the promotional products industry. The goal is to standardize how data is communicated and reduce friction in the industry's business processes.

I've been working with companies in the promotional products industry since 2001, so I understand the unique, complex, and ever-changing challenges that they face. Over the past few years, I've helped suppliers provide PromoStandards services to their customers, and distributors integrate PromoStandards services into their systems.

Here are the services that I provide.

PS Easy Endpoints
Available September 4th.
This service is designed specifically for smaller suppliers that want to provide PromoStandards services to their customers. Using a simple, spreadsheet-like interface, suppliers maintain data and it is automatically made available via PromoStandards-compliant endpoints.

PS Distributor Dashboard
Available September 18th.
This service gives distributors fast, easy access to the data that their suppliers are providing via PromoStandards. Access inventory, order status, and shipment notifications. Search for products using keywords, and "drill down" on a products to see detailed information about it.

Product Search API
Often referred to as the "missing PromoStandards service," the Product Search API gives developers the ability to easily add product search functionality to their systems. It's powered by a database that contains detailed information on thousands of products from the industry's leading suppliers. And, of course, it was built using PromoStandards.

PromoStandards is based on a protocol known as SOAP. The JSON API is designed for developers that are unfamiliar with or struggling with SOAP. Its JSON-based request and response model makes it easy for developers to integrate with PromoStandards services.

NetSuite / PromoStandards Integrations
NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system that is becoming increasingly popular in the promotional products industry. For distributors, I'm integrating PromoStandards into their NetSuite implementations. I'm also helping suppliers who have implemented NetSuite so that they can provide PromoStandards-based services. Learn more >

PromoStandards Endpoint Testing
Are you a supplier who wants someone to test out your new PromoStandards endpoints? I'm happy to help - and willing to do so at no charge! I'll send test requests to the services, evaluate the responses, and let you know what I find.

Custom PromoStandards Development
Do you have a project that involves using PromoStandards in a special way? Custom software might be what you need - and I can develop it for you.

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Promo.zone Beta Testing Begins
Promo.zone is a promotional products search engine that's been developed using PromoStandards. Learn more, or give it a try.

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