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XWF (short for "Xojo WebFrame") is a simple, alternative, open source framework for developing Web apps using Xojo. With XWF, you can use Xojo to develop secure, public-facing, scalable Web sites and applications.

At their core, apps developed with XWF are true Xojo Web apps. So you have complete access to the powerful Xojo programming language. This also means that you can deploy XWF apps as standalone executables or CGIs, on OS X, Windows, or Linux-based servers.

XWF's features include:
• Serve up dynamically generated content.
• Serve up static content (images, PDFs, etc) - and protect them as well.
• Support for app-level properties and methods.
• Secure, reliable, and flexible session management.
• Comprehensive logging.
• Support for Xojo plug-ins.

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