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June 15, 2017
Virtual Xojo User Group: Aloe Demo Follow-Up
Answers to some of the questions that I've received about today's Aloe demo to the Virtual Xojo User Group.

April 17, 2017
Introducing Aloe, A Xojo-Based Web Server
Information about Aloe, a Xojo-based Web server that can be used to host static and dynamically generated Web site content.

December 22, 2016
XWF Released
Announcing the first release of XWF and an upcoming Webinar.

December 3, 2016
15 Best Websites for Xojo Developers
A collection of the best Xojo-related Web sites.

June 30, 2016
Mac Apps That Make Submitting iOS Apps A Little Easier
Three Mac apps that make it easier to prepare iOS apps for submission to the App Store.

June 1, 2016
Xojo vs. Xcode
Some thoughts on why you might choose to use Xojo, instead of Xcode, for iOS development.

May 25, 2016
Xojo Case Study: A Custom API For A Promotional Products Company
Using Xojo to develop a custom API for a client in the promotional products industry.

May 24, 2016
Xojo: IDE Tips and Tricks
A few tips for working more efficiently in the Xojo IDE.

May 22, 2016
Xojo iOS: Handling Low-Memory Notifications
Use Xojo's LowMemoryWarning event handler to handle low-memory notifications in your iOS apps.

November 23, 2015
Helpful Web Sites
10 Web sites that I find to be incredibly helpful - and I think you will, too.

March 25, 2015
XojoTalk Interview
I was recently interviewed on the popular XojoTalk podcast. Here's an overview.

February 9, 2015
Decision Made: Going With Xojo
An update on my quest for a new development environment, and why, after evaluating Xojo, LiveCode, Swift, and even PhoneGap, I've decided to go with Xojo.

December 10, 2014
Xojo: Changing the Simulator Device
A quick tip on how to change the simulator device for Xojo iOS apps.

October 9, 2014
The Mysterious "DOM Exception 18" Security Error
Information about "DOM Exception 18," a security error thrown when working with HTML5 Canvas and its toDataURL() method.

July 14, 2013
The Safari "Missing Lock" Issue
The reason that the HTTPS "lock" icon sometimes doesn't appear.

July 9, 2013
PHP: Custom 404 Error Handlers And GET / POST Variables
Getting access to variables in the GET scope when using a custom PHP-based 404 error handler.