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Viewpoint is an open source, Xojo-based framework for developing Apple TV apps using a client-server model.

Xojo developers can use Viewpoint to quickly and easily develop feature-rich, professional, secure, and scalable Apple TV apps. With Viewpoint, you can serve up both dynamically generated TVML / TVJS content, as well as static resources (such as photos, audio files, etc).

Viewpoint's features and benefits include:
• Xojo-based - so you can have the full power of the Xojo programming language at your disposal.
• Supports several commonly used TVML templates - so you can apidly develop the server side of client-server Apple TV apps.
• Provided as a Xojo Web app - so you can deploy it on a variety of operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) and as either a stand-alone app or a CGI.
• Open source.
• And more.

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