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fmEasyAPI is a simple, RESTful API server for the FileMaker platform. It's very basic, but it gets the job done - making it super easy to quickly wire up a RESTful API for data stored in a hosted FileMaker database.

fmEasyAPI uses FileMaker Server's XML Custom Web Publishing function to make calls to the database. It takes the XML formatted response, JSON-encodes it, and returns it to the caller. It also handles requests for binary data (image files, for example) stored in FileMaker container fields.

fmEasyAPI grew out of a need that I ran into when preparing a demo to show how you can develop native iOS apps with Xojo that pull data from FileMaker databases. I whipped up fmEasyAPI to handle the API that the app uses. It not only served its purpose, but turned out to be a good foundation for developing other APIs as well.

Oh yeah... The Xojo source code for that demo app? It's included with fmEasyAPI.