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Introducing Aloe, A Xojo-Based Web Server

Today I'm happy to introduce Aloe, a Xojo-based Web server.

Aloe can be used to host all of the bits and pieces that make up a Web site - the HTML files, stylesheets, images, Javascript, and more. Think of it as an alternative to Apache or IIS.

Aloe can also be used to generate dynamic content. For example, it can be used to publish data that is stored in a database or pulled from a Web API. It can also be used to process forms and handle file uploads.

As an experiment, I've just launched the first Aloe-based Web site. It's a redesign of the Virtual Xojo User Group site. If you're interested, you can see the new site here: http://vxug.org

To redesign the VXUG site, I used RapidWeaver, web design software for the Mac that's developed by Realmac Software. To create the design, I used Stacks (a popular RapidWeaver addon from YourHead Software) and Foundation for RapidWeaver (a theme and stacks developed by indie Web and Mac developer Joe Workman). From start to finish, the redesign took only about an hour - a testament to the ease of use and power of RapidWeaver and the Foundation framework.

More About Aloe

I developed Aloe because I've been wanting to develop powerful, scalable, public-facing Web sites with Xojo. Xojo's Web framework is primarily designed for developing single page Web applications. With Aloe, you get the best of both worlds: The power of Xojo, and the ability to design Web sites using whatever tools you'd like.

Under the hood, Aloe is a simple Xojo Web application. A large portion of Aloe's code was repurposed from some of my open source projects, including Luna, Viewpoint, and XWF.

Aloe was developed in my spare time, and it was a lot of fun to work on. I'm planning to use it on a number of business, client, and personal projects. And if there is enough interest, I might release Aloe as an open source solution. Be sure to signup for my newsletter for more information and announcements regarding Aloe.