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FMEasyAudit: Beta Testing Update

I've received quite a bit of feedback regarding FMEasyAudit, the open source solution for implementing logging and auditing of FileMaker databases, which I released a little over a month ago. For the most part, the feedback has been positive. Beta tester's seem to like the speed with which the auditing occurs, the support for auditing a large number of events (everything from updates, to deletions, and even things like imports and even "replace field contents").

I've also received feedback regarding the single-script approach that I took with Beta 1. My goal was to provide a single script that developers would refer to when logging events, and the primary reason for using this approach was to make setting up and configuring EasyAudit as streamlined as possible. However, that approach comes with a cost: The "EasyAudit" script is made up of over 700 script steps, making it difficult to work with.

In addition, I've received a request to make the "EA" fields, which EasyAudit uses to log events, user-definable. In other words, if you already have fields that serve as a primary key, a modification timestamp, and so on, why should need to create redundant "EA" versions?

So, based on the feedback and suggestions that I've received, FMEasyAudit Beta 2 is now in the works. Here's what's coming...

User-Definable Field Names. You'll be able to re-use your own fields, if you'd prefer, instead of having to create EasyAudit's standard "EA" fields.

A more modular, "EasySync-like" approach, to the scripts. See below for a screenshot which shows the new modular script design.

At this point, I don't have an ETA on EasyAudit Beta 2.

A screenshot showing the more modular approach to scripting in the upcoming Beta 2 release of EasyAudit.