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FM EasyMaps Version 1: Coming Soon

It's been four months since I released the initial beta of FM EasyMaps, an open source map solution for the FileMaker platform. Of all of the open source FileMaker solutions that I've released, EasyMaps is one of my personal favorites.

Since releasing the EasyMaps beta, I've received a lot of positive feedback, great suggestions, and feature requests. And today, I'm pleased to announce that the first official (non-beta) release of FM EasyMaps is in the works and on the way.

FM EasyMaps v1.0 will include support for:

Directions. By specifying two records (one as the starting location, and the other the destination), EasyMaps will display directions, both on the map and (optionally) as multi-step text directions. You'll also be able to specify the mode of transportation (driving, bicycling, public transit, or walking), and, if driving, whether you want to avoid highways or tolls.

Waypoints. With this feature, you can specify up to 8 waypoints - locations that you want to pass through on your way from a starting location to a destination. It's a nice feature for those who need to plot a route. For example, a driver making deliveries, or a salesperson calling on multiple clients. Optionally, you can indicate if you would like EasyMaps to provide the shortest possible route.

Language Localization. You will be able to configure EasyMaps so that the textual information displayed on the maps (labels, driving directions, etc) uses any one of more than 20 languages, including Arabic, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, and many more.

The ETA for FM EasyMaps Version 1 is currently set for early March 2015.