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EasyAudit Beta 2 Released

Tonight I released the second beta of FMEasyAudit, the open source FileMaker auditing solution that I originally released back in September. This new release is significant in that it includes a number of changes to both the functionality of the solution and its architecture.

Here's a list of the changes that you'll find in this release:

• The single "EasyAudit" script has been split into several smaller, modularized scripts.
• User-definable "EA_" fields are supported. You'll see settings for these in the "EasyAudit - Settings" script.
• The demo database now includes an "Audit Log" tab, as an example of how you can view related entries in the log, including those of related records. I have added an "EA_UUID_List" field to the Surveys table, and a new relationship between Surveys and the EasyAudit table (as table occurrence "Survey_Log") to illustrate this functionality.
• The "Open Log" function will now display all log entries if no script param is passed, or a list of log entries based on a list of records (if a list of EA_UUID values passed to it). The demo database's "Open Log" button is an example of how you can use this to open the log viewer and see logs for the parent and child records.
• Added a new "$$ea_baseline_deletes" setting. If enabled, EasyAudit will take a baseline of a record (or records) prior to logging the deletion. This is enabled by default.
• Bug Fix: The "Tail" button (on the EasyAudit layout) is now wired up properly to the "EasyAudit - Tail Log" script.
• Bug Fix: Added support for non-SQL-compliant base table names and table occurrence names.
• Renamed a few settings. $$omit_tables is now $$ea_omit_tables. $$timeout_seconds is now $$ea_timeout_seconds.
• Log "Entry Types" now more accurately reflect new and changed values. If the value being logged is in a field that previous had no log entry, then it will appear in the logs as "New Value." Otherwise, it shows as a "Changed Value."

EasyAudit Beta 2 is available for immediate download from the EasyAudit Web site: fmeasyaudit.com

I want to thank beta testers David Graham, Chuck Ross, Chris Van Buren, and Paul Jansen for the help, bug reports, and suggestions that they gave that helped to shape this release. I've said before that these projects are very much a collaborative effort, and this release is further proof of that. Thanks guys!

I am hoping to release one additional beta before taking this project out of beta (whatever that means!). That beta will include examples of how to perform rollbacks using a couple of the more popular FileMaker plugins that support INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE in their ExecuteSQL function implementations. Specifically, I'd like to include samples based on the MBS FileMaker Plugin by MonkeyBread Software, as well as the BaseElements plugin by Goya.