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Using Airtable Research In Scrivener Binders

I use Scrivener to do all of my long form writing, including the books that I'm working on, blog posts, and more. Recently, I've started using Scrivener to organize the research that I do for my writing projects. With Scrivener, I have all of my research notes, PDFs, and Web site URLs in one place.

Some of my research involves collecting more structured data. In those cases, I have been using Airtable. Airtable is a new organizational tool that hides a powerful database behind an easy-to-use and familiar spreadsheet-like interface.

This video demonstrates a technique that I've been using to include my Airtable research directly into a Scrivener binder. It involves using Airtable's new "embeddable view" feature and Scrivener's "Import Web Page" function.

With the Airtable view embedded in my Scrivener binder, I can easily refer to the research that I've done without having to leave Scrivener and break my writing flow. It's also particularly helpful when working in Scrivener in full screen mode.

If you are a Scrivener user and haven't heard of Airtable, click here to give it a try.