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Airtable: API Intro / Sample Web App

Today, I'm making available the first in a series of resources that are designed to help developers get familiar with Airtable's API. My goal is to help you use the API in exciting and creative ways.

Sample Web App

I've put together a simple web app that demonstrates how you can use Airtable as a content management system. The demo, which was written using PHP, starts by displaying a list of artists. Each artist's name is a link, and when clicked, details about the artist are displayed.

You can see the demo live, here.

This is a good example of how you can use the Airtable API to request a list of records, as well as a single record. It also demonstrates how easy it is to work with files that have been saved in Airtable bases.

The source code for this demo is available here. To use it, you'll need a web server that supports PHP. You'll also need to setup an Airtable base using our popular Art Gallery template. And finally, you'll need your Airtable API key. To retrieve or create an API key, log into your Airtable account. Your key will be displayed on the Overview tab. Once you have everything in place, upload the PHP files to your server, configure the "settings.php" (with your API key and information about your base), and you're ready to go.

If you have any questions about the demo, please feel free to contact me.

More Resources Coming Soon

I'm working on additional API-related resources, including a solution that makes it very easy to generate interactive maps based on address information in Airtable, a native iOS app (developed using the popular Swift programming language) that uses Airtable and its API to push and pull data, and more. They will be available in the weeks ahead.

One More Thing...

On August 18th, I'll be guest hosting a webinar with Paul Lefebvre, the Developer Evangelist for Xojo. We'll show how you can use Airtable and Xojo, the multi-platform development tool, to create native, database-driven iOS apps. We'll walk through the process of creating an Airtable base, explore the custom API that Airtable automatically generates, and then use Xojo's iOS framework to rapidly build an iOS app that pulls data from Airtable.

The webinar is filling up quickly, but there are a few spots still available. To reserve your spot, click here.