JSON API Announced

Published on July 4, 2018

I'm pleased to announce the JSON API, a new PromoStandards-related project that I've been working on.

The JSON API will give developers an alternative way to consume PromoStandards-based services. The API will use a JSON-based request and response model. I plan to support all of the PromoStandards services that are currently in production, including Inventory 1.2.1, Media Content 1.1.0, Order Shipment Notification 1.0.0, Order Status 1.0.0, Product Data 1.0.0, and Product Pricing and Configuration 1.0.0. I'm also hoping to support two services which are in beta: Inventory 2.0.0-RC4 and Invoice 0.0.1.

Beta testing of the API will begin in a few days, and I'm hoping to go live shortly thereafter.

For details, please visit: