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Aloe Express 4.0 is Now Available

Published by Tim Dietrich on May 21, 2018.

Today I've released version 4.0 of Aloe Express, an open-source module that can be used to quickly and easily build Web APIs, microservices, and more using Xojo.

Aloe Express v4.0 adds support for WebSockets, which enable two-way communication between clients and the server. WebSockets are often used in applications where users need to communicate with each other (such as chat applications) or when changes to data need to be communicated to users immediately (such as financial or news tickers).

My goal was to make Aloe's WebSocket support as seamless as possible. The functionality is there when you need it, but it stays out of your way when you don't. Using WebSockets in Aloe Express is very much like handling any other request. If you're already using Aloe Express, then WebSockets should be very familiar to you.

The Aloe Express 4.0 Xojo distribution project includes a chat application that demonstrates WebSockets. This is the same app that I've been using to test Aloe Express 4.0 with the Xojo community over the past few weeks. I can't thank the community enough for helping to test this new version, and for the feedback that they provided.

Aloe Express 4.0 also includes improvements to Aloe's session management and caching functions.

Aloe Express is being distributed under an MIT License and is available for download at https://aloe.zone.

© Copyright 2018 Tim Dietrich.