About Tim.

I've been a software developer for more than 30 years. During that time, I've developed many different types of custom solutions - from inventory systems, to accounting systems, to contact management systems, and more.

I've helped start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, and Fortune 50 companies use technology to achieve amazing results. A few of the organizations that I've worked with include the Library of Congress, Siemens, CarMax, Dominion Energy, and the University of Virginia. Click here for a more complete list of the organizations that I've worked with.

My path to PromoStandards.

A few years ago, a promotional products distributor asked me to take a look at something new called "PromoStandards." At the time, the standards were just getting started. However, I could see that the initiative was off to a good start. Prior to PromoStandards, I had helped this distributor integrate with several proprietary APIs that their suppliers were offering. The idea of integrating with a single set of consistent services was intriguing.

I helped the distributor implement the PromoStandards services that were being provided by their suppliers at that time, and the results were both immediate and amazing. The number of telephone calls being made and emails sent by the distributor's sales support team to suppliers for inventory information, order statuses, and shipment tracking numbers dropped significantly, and this naturally resulted in increased productivity for the team.

After seeing firsthand the profound impact that PromoStandards had on this client, I decided to get more involved in the industry in general and PromoStandards in particular. I'm now helping both distributors and suppliers create and execute their PromoStandards strategies. My goal is to help increase adoption of the standards, and help the industry put PromoStandards to work.

Need help with PromoStandards?

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