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Viewpoint FAQ

What is Viewpoint?
Viewpoint is an open source, Xojo-based framework that can be used to develop the server-side portion of Apple TV apps that use the client-server model (also known as "TVML" apps).

Do I need to know Xojo in order to use Viewpoint?

Will I need my own Web server?
Viewpoint apps can be deployed on servers running macOS, Windows, or Linux, and can be deployed as either stand-alone applications or as CGIs. If you already own or have access to a Web server server, then you might be able to use that to host your Viewpoint apps.

How much does Viewpoint cost?
Viewpoint is free of charge. It is being provided via an open source license.

Where can I learn more about develop apps for the Apple TV?
Be sure to check out Appleā€™s tvOS Developer Site, as well as the tvOS Apprentice Book.

Who developed Viewpoint?
That would be me - Tim Dietrich.