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Gov Opps: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gov Opps?
Gov Opps is an iPhone app that makes it easy for job seekers to discover employment opportunities that are available with federal, state, and local government agencies across the United States.

How does Gov Opps work?
Behind the scenes, Gov Opps uses an API to lookup job opportunities based on your search criteria. The app has been optimized to quickly perform searches and display the results.

What is the source of the data?
Employment opportunities are obtained from federal and local government job sites.

Does the app require an internet connection?
Yes, an internet connection is required to perform searches and to browse jobs.

How can I quickly get back to the top of a list of search results?
To quickly jump to the top of the list, click on the navigation bar (the area at the very top of the screen).

How can I purchase Gov Opps?
Gov Opps will be available exclusively on the Apple App Store.

Who developed Gov Opps?
Gov Opps was developed by Tim Dietrich.

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