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FMLuna Setup & Configuration

Specify your database information via the App's properties. There are properties for the database host address (DatabaseHost) and the name of the database (DatabaseName). You can also indicate whether requests sent to FileMaker server should be made over HTTP or HTTPS connections (DatabaseProtocol).

Additionally, you can require that requests sent to the API itself be secure by setting the SecureConnectionsRequired property to True.

In your FileMaker database, setup an account that is in a privilege set that has permission to access the database using XML Web Publishing (the "fmxml" extended privilege).

For each endpoint that you wish to support, create a corresponding application method. Name the methods according to the entities and actions that you wish to support, as well as the version of the API that the method is intended for. For example, a method to support the creation of a new contact would be named ContactsPostV1. Sample methods have been included in the Xojo project. They demonstrate how you might implement endpoints for GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE actions.

As far as development goes, that's all there is to it. The Luna class has been designed to handle all of the heavy lifting and hide the complexity involved in implementing a REST API.