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The FMLuna FAQ

What is FMLuna?
FMLuna is an open source, Xojo-based framework that can be used to create RESTful APIs for FileMaker databases. FMLuna is based on Luna, which is a similar framework that supports MySQL, Amazon Aurora, and PostgreSQL databases.

Do I need to know Xojo in order to use FMLuna?
Yes, some knowledge of Xojo is necessary. Also, knowledge of FileMaker XML Custom Web Publishing is helpful.

Does my database need to be hosted?
Yes. FMLuna uses XML Custom Web Publishing, which is only supported by FileMaker Server, to communicate with FileMaker databases.

Will I need my own Web server?
It depends on your situation. Luna can be compiled to run as a Mac, Windows, or Linux application. Also, I recommend checking out Xojo cloud.

How much does FMLuna cost?
FMLuna is free of charge. It is being provided via an open source license.

Does FMLuna support containers?
Yes. You can easily retrieve the contents of any container, regardless of the content type. FMLuna also supports external containers, including those using the secure and open storage options.

Where can I learn more about REST APIs?
I highly recommend Vinay Sahni's "Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API." It's an excellent guide for designing APIs, full of great advice and best practices.

Who developed FMLuna?
FMLuna was developed by Tim Dietrich.

I want to thank Paul Lefebvre of Xojo, Inc and Hal Gumbert of Camp Software for their help and suggestions on the original Luna framework.