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Xojo: Develop Native iOS Apps That Integrate With FileMaker

Late last year, I made it a goal to find a tool that would give me the ability to develop truly native mobile applications.

I'm interested in developing mobile apps for a number of reasons. I have clients that have been asking for them. I'm involved in a few businesses that require them. And, in general, I believe that mobile is "where it's at." (Check out the slide deck from Jonathan Stark's recent "Rethink Mobile" presentation at Future Insights Live Conference, or his guest blog post, and I think you'll agree.)

I have written before about the different mobile development tools that I looked at (LiveCode, Xojo, Swift, PhoneGap, etc) and why I eventually decided to go with Xojo. I've spent the better part of the last two weeks working with Xojo, laser-focused on learning how to use it to create a few iOS apps...

Having A Blast

And I've been having a blast! I am amazed by Xojo and what it is capable of. Using Xojo's iOS framework, I've been able to create a couple of apps, two of which I am planning to submit to the App store in the next few days.

I'm finding Xojo to be a joy to work with, both as an IDE and a language. I love Xojo's logical approach to development, and the power of the language. The ability to reuse Xojo code - that I've written myself, and that others in the Xojo community have shared - has also been an unexpected treat.

The apps that I've been working on have one thing in common: They pull data from external sources. I've developed apps whose data comes from Web services, from Airtable, and from hosted FileMaker databases.

Learning Xojo & Upcoming Webinar

Two of the best ways that I've found to learn Xojo are to refer to Xojo's excellent online forum and to watch the videos that Paul Lefebvre, Xojo's Developer Evangelist, has prepared. The videos are especially helpful, particularly those that cover Xojo's iOS framework.

I'm very excited to announce that I've been asked to do a guest webinar for Xojo in July. During the webinar, I'll show how I've been using Xojo to develop iOS apps that pull data stored in FileMaker databases. If you are interested in developing native iOS apps that use FileMaker on the backend - whether they're private apps, or public apps that you want to sell through the App Store - then I think you'll find the Webinar to be of interest.

Registration for the "Develop Native iOS Apps That Integrate With FileMaker" webinar, which will be held live on July 21, 2015, is now open and you can register here. If you are unable to attend at that time, Xojo will be recording it.