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Airtable / Xojo Webinar: Follow-Up

I want to thank everyone who attended yesterday's Xojo webinar ("Using Airtable With Xojo"). I also want to thank Paul Lefebvre, Xojo's Developer Evangelist, for the opportunity to present the webinar.

A Xojo project file that uses the techniques that I demonstrated is available here. This project is slightly different than the one that I used in the webinar. It includes support for the Airtable API offset, so that it can handle API calls that result in more than 100 records.

The project is thoroughly documented. I've included inline comments, as well as a few notes that explain the workflow of the app, how to configure it, and so on. You can find the notes by expanding App > Notes in the IDE.

A recording of the webinar is also available. Paul has included a link to an example of a desktop app that he put together, which also connects to the Airtable Art Gallery base.

If you have any questions about the app, please let me know.