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Supporting EasySync

I originally developed EasySync for use in projects that I was working on for my clients, and found that it was very easy to implement. It provided a good mix of simplicity and flexibility, and gave me a way to provide a reliable and affordable sync solution to clients. Its flexibility meant that I could easily modify it to meet my various clients' business rules and needs.

When I released EasySync as an open source solution back in May, I did so with the hope that the FileMaker community would find it to be of value. From what many developers have told me, they've found it easy to integrate EasySync into their solutions. For most, EasySync "just works" right out of the box without them needing to customize it. For those who have had more advanced needs, they've said that applying their business rules has been relatively straightforward. That's one of the benefit of EasySync's "openness." Developers can get "under the hood" and enhance EasySync to do exactly what they need it to do.

For others, implementing EasySync hasn't been so easy. In some cases, it seems that the developers simply haven't setup EasySync properly. They've missed a step or two when setting up the relationship graph. They've forgotten to fix the external references for the calls from the mobile database to scripts in the hosted database. Many of these issues are covered in the EasySync documentation.

The challenge that I've been facing is in supporting those developers. In many cases, I end up responding to lengthy threads on the support forum. In others, we end up exchanging numerous emails before determining the cause of their issue. And while I've done my best to respond to these requests, doing so has become quite a burden. I've got a business to run, and clients to service.

My hope was that at some point, the community itself would begin to help support EasySync. That those familiar with it would begin to answer questions by those having issues. So far, that just hasn't happened...

Going forward, I'll only be "checking in" on the support forums a few times each week, to see how things are going and try to help with any open issues. For those who need more immediate help, or who need assistance customizing EasySync, I welcome you to visit my company's Web site and inquire about our consulting and development services.

Thanks for understanding, and for your continued interest in and support of EasySync.