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Stop Overthinking Pricing

If you've been following me online for awhile, then you know I've been all over the place with regards to how I price my work.

Well, not anymore.

My take on pricing at this point is this:

If it's development work, then I should know enough about what a client wants, and how long it will take for me to develop it, to provide a fixed price. If I don't know those two things well enough to safely quote it that way, then I shouldn't be quoting it. At least not until I know more.

If it's a technical support request, and there's no way to know how long it will take to resolve it - such as an issue that I've never run into before - then I have no choice but to do the work based on an hourly rate.

It's that simple.

My advice: Stop overthinking how you price things. Keep it simple.

Quote a job, close the deal, do the work, invoice it, and get paid.