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ServerSync: More Information

Last week, before releasing EasySync Version 1.0, I announced (and gave a little preview of a related project that I've been working on called "ServerSync." Here's a little more about ServerSync.

ServerSync is a database replication solution that will support two replication methods: A "publisher push" method, and a "subscriber pull" method.

With the "publisher push" method, a primary database pushes new and updated data out to a single "subscriber" database. That subscriber database is essentially an exact replica of the publisher, at least as far as the data goes. (It does not replicate changes to schema, layouts, security, etc.) It is ideal for situations where you want a hot standby of a production database, or in cases where you are making data in a production database available to another system (such as a Web application) and want either a buffer between the external system and the data, or want to be able to provide a secondary source for the data (for load balancing or in the event that the primary database becomes unavailable). Note that while you can use ServerSync to push out to only one database, it is possible to "relay" those pushes. So Server A can push to Server B, Server B can push to Server C, and so on.

With the "subscriber pull" method, one or more "subscribers" pull new and updated data from a primary "publisher" database. With this method, you have the option to setup business rules to specify which devices (servers, desktop users, and/or mobile devices) are authorized to pull data. This method has a lot of potential uses, including providing data to paid subscribers, periodically providing updated reference data to mobile or remote users / offices, and so on.

A few more details about ServerSync:

• ServerSync uses a modified version of EasySync's engine.
• It is fully transactional, secure, and fault-tolerant.
• It is very easy to setup and configure. (In fact, I think it is easier to setup than EasySync.)
• It has a very small footprint, requiring a minimum number of tables, layouts, and scripts.
• Like EasySync, it follows the "if you can get data into a field, we can sync it" rule. (So containers, repeating fields, and so on are supported.)
• And also like EasySync, ServerSync will be provided free of charge via an open source license.

I'm still recovering from EasySync's rapid development and rollout, and juggling client work and that book that I've been working on. However, I plan to release the first beta to ServerSync later this week.

For updates, follow me on Twitter, or check back here on my blog.

Also, I'll be demoing both EasySync and ServerSync at the June meeting of the Northern Virginia FileMaker Pro User Group (FMPug). For details, and to RSVP, please visit http://www.fmpug.com/rsvp.php?eventID=1487