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Scrivener / Evernote: Link Scrivener to Evernote Notebooks

If you’re like me, and use Scrivener for your writing tasks and Evernote for collecting research, then you might find this technique to be helpful.

When working in Scrivener, there are a number of ways to refer to research that you've collected and stored in Evernote. You can copy and paste notes. You can export notes from Evernote and import them into Scrivener. You can create links to specific notes.

However, this technique is a little different. It creates a live link from Scrivener to an entire Evernote notebook.

In this video, I demonstrate the technique. You'll learn how to create the link in Evernote, and use the link in a Scrivener binder.

There are a number benefits to this technique.

First, there’s no need to copy and paste notes from Evernote to Scrivener. All you need to do is create a link from Scrivener to Evernote and you’re ready to go.

Second, it makes it easy to access all of the notes in an Evernote notebook. There’s no need to setup links for individual notes.

And finally, if you make changes to your Evernote notebook - add new notes, update notes, etc - then those changes will be reflected in Scrivener.

I hope you find the technique to be useful. Please let me know if you have any questions about it.