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Mac Apps That Make Submitting iOS Apps A Little Easier

Developing an iOS app is only the first step in getting it ready for submission to the App Store. You'll also need an app icon in a number of different sizes, screen shots for your app's listing in the app store, and you'll probably want some additional screen shots for marketing and promotional use. As a developer who is (admittedly) graphically challenged, preparing icons and screen shots can be intimidating.

Over the past year, I've found three apps that have helped to make the process of preparing apps a little easier. One of the apps helps with preparing the icons. Another helps to create the images needed for the App Store listing. And another helps make preview images that are great for marketing purposes.

Prepo 2

Prepo, by Mothership Software Limited, is a Mac app that you can use to take a single iOS or Mac App icon and instantly create all of the sizes that are needed in order to submit an app to the App Store. You just drop in your full sized icon, and Prepo does the rest. You then export the icons and drag them into your project. Prepo is a free app, with a few in-app purchases that are available.

Prepo makes preparing app icons incredibly easy.

App Screenshots

In order to submit your app to the App Store, you'll need to provide screen shots of the app. And just like the app icon, you'll need the app screenshots in various sizes. App Screenshots, by SimonsApps, makes the process of creating those screenshots incredibly easy. You simply drag in screen shots that you take from the iOS Simulator, add some marketing-oriented text, and then export the images. The app scales the images based on the amount and size of the text that you provide, and generates screenshots in all of the sizes that are required for submission to the App Store. App Screenshots costs $14.99, and for someone like me, it's worth every penny.

App Screenshots takes the pain out of creating screen shots for App Store listings.


My favorite app of the bunch is Promotee by Netwalkapps. With Promotee, you can create goregous, high resolution previews of your app, with a screen shot embedded into one of several device templates. For example, you can take a screen shot and present it as if the app were being used on an iPhone or iPad. There are also templates for Macs, the Apple Watch, and even Android devices. At $9.99, Promotee is a bargain. It's a lot of fun to use and experiment with, and the images that it creates are absolutely stunning.

With Promotee, you can make gorgeous preview images of your apps.

All of the apps listed above are available on the Mac App Store. I hope you find them to be as useful as I have.