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LiveCode 101: Update #1

I've been hard at work on my next book, which I'm calling "LiveCode 101." This book will be a crash course in LiveCode, an amazing multiplatform development environment. With LiveCode, you can create applications that run on Macs, Windows and Linux-based PCs, as well as iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

The book is really starting to come together. Here's the current Table of Contents...

Introduction: Why LiveCode?
Chapter 1: An Overview of LiveCode
Chapter 2: The LiveCode IDE
Chapter 3: Your First Application
Chapter 4: Interacting With The User - Part 1: Dialog Boxes
Chapter 5: Interacting With The User - Part 2: Basic Forms
Chapter 6: Interacting With The User - Part 3: Advanced Forms
Chapter 7: Working With Multiple Cards
Chapter 8: Printing & Generating PDFs
Chapter 9: Integrating With Databases
Chapter 10: Debugging and Error Handling
Chapter 11: Working With Arrays
Chapter 12: Working With Control Structures
Chapter 13: Working With Data Grids
Chapter 14: Working With Dates and Times
Chapter 15: Working With Text
Chapter 16: Working With Files
Chapter 17: Working With Images
Chapter 18: Working With Email
Chapter 19: Working With Menus
Chapter 20: Creating Standalone Applications
Appendix A: Extending LiveCode
Appendix B: Additional Resources

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