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FMWebFrame v13e Released

Today I released a new version of FMWebFrame, the extension to the FileMaker API for PHP that I initially released back in January. Version 13e includes a number of new features, improvements to existing features, and a few bug fixes. Here's a summary:

A new "fmEvaluate" function. Evaluate any valid FileMaker expression directly from within your PHP code. It's an incredibly powerful function, made even more so by the fact that your expressions can reference FileMaker custom functions and any FileMaker plugins that have been installed on the server.

More efficient ExecuteSQL support. Include SQL SELECT statements directly in your PHP code. It now fully supports ExecuteSQL's new OFFSET and FETCH FIRST options that became available in FileMaker 13.

Redesigned container publishing support. Easily generate SEO-friendly URLs to reference containers. The new version provides options for making URLs time-sensitive, secure, and more. Also, it fully supports all of the latest container storage options, including both the secure and open external storage options.

New "Site Shield" function. Provides you with an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure virtual firewall for your Web app. Makes it easy to restrict access to Web apps during development, without having to mess around with server configurations, firewalls, .htaccess files, and so on.

Improved demo Web application. Includes examples of many of FMWebFrame's functions. Check it out at demo.fmwebframe.com.

Improved documentation. All of FMWebFrame's functions have been documented, and I've rewritten the installation instructions and the troubleshooting guide. These resources are available on the FMWebFrame Web site.

To download this new version of FMWebFrame, click here.

On a related note, I will be demonstrating FMWebFrame to the Custom Web Publishing (CWP) User Group meeting at FileMaker DevCon 2014. For details, visit: http://jsfmp.com/cwp-user-group