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FMWebFrame: Version 13e Is On the Way

One of the projects that I worked on late last year is FMWebFrame, an open source extension to the FileMaker API for PHP. Since releasing FMWebFrame back in January, I have used it to create several Web applications that integrate with FileMaker databases. And while I was working on those projects, I continued to refine FMWebFrame (fixing bugs, making my own wish list, etc).

I'm pleased to announce that I'm getting close to the point of releasing the next version ("FMWebFrame v13e"). The new version includes a number of new features, improvements to existing features, and a few bug fixes. Here's a summary:

More efficient ExecuteSQL support. FMWebFrame includes a function that allows you to include SQL SELECT statements directly in your PHP code. The new version improves on this function by fully supporting ExecuteSQL's new OFFSET and FETCH FIRST options that became available in FileMaker 13.

Completely redesigned container publishing support. If you've ever struggled with publishing container contents to the Web, then you'll likely appreciate how easy FMWebFrame makes this. You can generate easy to read, SEO-friendly URLs to your container contents, and use options to make the URLs time-sensitive, secure, and more. And best of all, FMWebFrame fully supports all of the latest container storage options, including both the secure and open external storage options.

I've added a new "fmEvaluate" function that gives you the ability to evaluate any valid FileMaker expression directly from within your Web app. It's an incredibly powerful function, made even more so by the fact that your expressions can reference FileMaker custom functions as well as any FileMaker plugins that have been installed on the server.

I've also included a new "Site Shield" function, which provides you with an easy to use, easy to configure virtual firewall for your Web app. I've used this feature several times to restrict access to Web apps during development. It's a great way to so that without having to mess around with server configurations, firewalls, .htaccess files, and so on.

The new version of FMWebFrame will also include a greatly improved demo Web application that includes examples of many of FMWebFrame's functions.

I'm in the process of wrapping up 13e. I still have some testing to do, and need to update the documentation. My goal is to release 13e in a few weeks, but if all goes well I might release it sooner.

In the meantime, please take a look at the new FMWebFrame demo app, located here: http://demo.fmwebframe.com And I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment with your ideas below.