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fmStripe: Preview Videos

Here are a few preview videos of fmStripe, a solution that I'm working on that makes it easy to integrate the Stripe payment processing system with FileMaker databases.

With fmStripe, you can collect credit card payments for two scenarios.

Invoice Payments

First, fmStripe can be used to collect a payments for an invoice that you have sent to a customer. The customer simply goes to your Invoice Payment page, enters some basic information, and submits their credit card information to Stripe.

This video shows that scenario.

Online Sales

fmStripe can be used to process credit card payments for simple online sales. For example, you can use fmStripe to handle order submissions for a product, a service, and so on. With a single fmStripe instance, you can take orders for an unlimited number of products. You can also offer discounts using coupon codes, as seen in the video below.

Behind The Scenes

What you're not seeing in these videos are the additional processing that fmStripe does when payments and orders are submitted.

Payments and orders are automatically saved to your FileMaker database. If you use MySQL, you can choose to have the data saved there instead.

fmStripe can be configured to send email receipts to customers, and to send email notifications of payments and orders to your team. You can also configure fmStripe to run a FileMaker script when a payment or order is received, making it possible for you to further automate your workflow.


fmStripe will be available starting Friday, April 10th, and will sell for $300.00 USD. Subscribers to my newsletter will receive a coupon code at launch.