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FMEasyWeb: Coming Soon

In November of last year, I announced FMEasyWeb, a project that I am working on through a collaboration with friends Hal Gumbert and Joe Fino. Our goal is to provide FileMaker developers with a way to quickly and easily create browser-based FileMaker solutions without needing to write any code.

Think of EasyWeb as a modern version of Instant Web Publishing. It's perfect in situations where WebDirect isn't a good fit, and where developing a Custom Web Publishing solution is overkill.

We made a lot of progress on EasyWeb, and had originally hoped to release it towards the end of last year. However, due to more urgent projects that came up, we were forced to put the project on hold.

I'm happy to report that I've now got time set aside to resume work on the project. In fact, I started working on it again this evening.

The new goal is to release EasyWeb later this month, shortly after the next release of FMEasyMaps. Hopefully, it will be worth the long wait.

For more information on EasyWeb, please visit http://fmeasyweb.com. And look for updates over on Twitter.