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FMEasyWeb: Progress Report

I've made a lot of progress on FMEasyWeb over the past few days. Here's a review...

I've completely refactored the code that handles customization of the EasyWeb UI, and as a result, it's much more efficient. It's also much easier for developers to customize the UI. There's no need to add any strange EasyWeb fields to existing tables. Now customization requires just a single EasyWeb table, which contains a handful of fields. But, this is entirely option. If you don't want to customize EasyWeb, there's no need to add the table.

For any layout, can now specify custom CSS, custom meta tags, and Javascript code. And along with the Javascript support comes support for jQuery or any other external Javascript libraries that you would like to use. And, of course, this is also entirely optional. If you don't know Javascript, have no idea what meta tags are, or are as "CSS challenged" as I am, then there's no need to worry. But for those of you who do know how to put these options to use, you'll be able to completely customize EasyWeb apps as much as you'd like.

Another big development that I made tonight was integrating the amazing Filepicker service with EasyWeb. If you aren't familiar with Filepicker, be sure to check it out. With it, uploading files into container fields is both easy and convenient for users. They can drag and drop files from their computers, or select files directly from the cloud hosting service that they use, including DropBox, Amazon S3, Box, Google Drive, and more. It's a very cool service, and I'm excited to use it and make this important EasyWeb function better than I ever imagined it could be.

And finally, I've made a lot of progress on EasyWeb's "form view." EasyWeb uses form views to display a single record, whether it's in read-only mode, or as a form being used adding a new record, update a record, or to receive a user's find criteria. Form view has been enhanced with CSS styles, names, and ids, which makes it possible to customize nearly every aspect of a form. For example, you can specify the position of a field, change it's label, add leading or trailing explanatory text, and much more. I've included a screen shot of a form view below - and yes, that's something I did using CSS. Remember, I'm "CSS-challenged." So if I can make a form look this good, then you can, too!

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates in the days ahead.

A fully customized "form view."

A screenshot of Filepicker, the service that we've integrated into EasyWeb to make uploading files into FileMaker container fields as easy as possible. Users can drag and drop files, or select from cloud hosting services such as DropBox, Amazon S3, and many more.