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FMEasyWeb / Filepicker Integration: A Sneak Peak

Last night I wrote about how I've been working to integrate Filepicker into FM EasyWeb. With Filepicker, most of the challenging work that's typically involved in handling file uploads is done for the developer. And for users, the service makes it very easy to select a file from their local drive, or from a file hosting service such as DropBox, Amazon S3, Box, Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr - you name it.

Below is a very short video that shows how well Filepicker has been integrated into an EasyWeb form. In this example, I'm simply dragging and dropping an image file into the Filepicker dialog, and it is immediately uploaded to the service. Behind the scenes, the URL that Filepicker has assigned to the file has been saved in a hidden field, and when the form is submitted, EasyWeb uses that URL, along with the Insert From URL script step, to retrieve the image and store it in a container field in the FileMaker database.