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FMEasyWeb: Another Filepicker Preview

Early this morning, I wrapped up FMEasyWeb's integration with Filepicker, and squashed a few bugs in the process.

Below is another sneak peak at EasyWeb that shows the Filepicker integration. In this example, I'm completing a very basic EasyWeb form, and attaching two files: a photo (in PNG format) and a resume (in PDF format). When the form is submitted, a record is created in the database, and the two file attachments are automatically stored in the container fields.

The technique that's being used to upload the files and store them in container fields can also be found in FMWebFrame. There is no server-side plug-in involved.

We'll be demonstrating EasyWeb via a Webinar, which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 1st, at 2:00 PM EST. If you're interested in attending and haven't already signed up, click here.