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FMEasyCanvas: Project Update

I'm continuing to make progress on FMEasyCanvas, the open source drawing solution that I announced a few weeks ago. In fact, it's looking like a beta will be available much sooner than I had expected.

The latest build includes support for the following features:

Background images. This gives you the ability to select an existing image / photo, and essentially draw on top of it.
Image editing. You can load an image on to the canvas, and then edit it.
Dynamically control the toolbox. Want to turn off one of the tools? No problem.
Change the canvas color.
Completely self-contained. There are no external resources needed, so EasyCanvas works without the need for an active Internet connection.

At the moment, the biggest hold-up is supporting users on Windows-based PCs. There are issues with IE that prevent the jQuery from working properly. However, I have made progress on that front, and support for Windows is close. (Yeah, I know - famous last words.)

Below is a screenshot of what FMEasyCanvas looks like at the moment (the "Alpha 4" build). The photo is actually a background image, and you can see that I've added graphical elements on top of it (including a couple of text elements, a rectangle, and line with arrow).

There's still no firm ETA on FMEasyCanvas. Stay tuned for updates.

A screenshot of FMEasyCanvas "Alpha 4" running in FileMaker Pro. Click the image to see a larger version.