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FM EasyMaps: Improving The Accuracy of Coordinate Lookups

James Glendinning, of UK-based Glenavon Technology Limited, wrote to me a few weeks ago with a cool tip for improving FM EasyMaps (an open source solution for generating interactive maps based on addresses in FileMaker databases).

James recently implemented EasyMaps for a customer in France. The customer often has limited data about the addresses that are being mapped. For example, some addresses might only have a city or a postal code, but nothing more. While EasyMaps will provide coordinates with that limited amount of information, the results are not very accurate.

James has found a way to improve the accuracy of coordinate lookups in those situations. It seems that the Google API returns multiple coordinates, and the first set - the set that EasyMaps uses - is the least accurate.

To learn more about the technique that James has come up with, read his post on the EasyMaps forum:


Thanks, James, for sharing this great tip!