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FM Easy Consultants Directory: Powered by Airtable

I've had a number of visitors ask me about the new FM Easy Consultants Directory, and specifically, how Airtable is used to power it.

Here's the backstory.

The idea for the directory came to me on Sunday afternoon. It's what I often refer to as a "lightbulb moment." My hope is that the directory will be a great way to connect users of my open source FileMaker solutions with consultants who support and make use of them. It will provide users with a good resource for getting support, and consultants with prospective clients. Time will tell.

It occurred to me that the easiest way to get the directory setup, along with a form that developers and consultants can use to apply, would be to use Airtable. So I setup a very simple Airtable base, along with a form view that can be used to capture data. A screen shot of the Airtable base is included below, along with the embedded form.

The directory itself is published using Airtable's API. A call is made to the API, and it references an Airtable view that includes a filter on it. Therefore, only records that have been approved are published. It was remarkably easy to code this up.

The FM Easy Consultants Directory is a great example of Airtable's ease-of-use and flexibility, and how you can use it to go from an idea to a working solution in no time at all.

If you haven't checked out Airtable, click here to try it for free.

A screenshot of Airtable base used to manage the FM Easy Consultants directory. Click the image to see a larger view.

Here's the embedded form...