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My FileMaker Wish List

With FileMaker DevCon 2014 right around the corner, I've been thinking quite a bit about what I'd like to see FileMaker Inc reveal as far as future functionality goes. Here's my wish list...

ExecuteSQL Enhancements
Support for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements in ExecuteSQL.

Importing Enhancements
When importing a text file, show the first couple of rows of the file so that the user can determine if the first row contains the column headers. It would also be nice to be able to tell FileMaker to skip a certain number of lines. (“Start importing at line 5, and yes, it is the column header row.") And while you're in there messing with that code, how about a completely redesigned UI?

Conditional formatting of layout parts.
Enough said.

Hide layout parts based on a calculation.
I can only begin to imagine how tricky that would be, but it sure would be nice.

"Perform Script by Name" and "Perform Script On Server by Name"
These script steps would allow us to call subscripts using a calculation. This would make scripts that much more modular.

FileMaker Server: Restrict concurrent connections by file.
The ability to restrict the number of concurrent connections for a specific hosted file on FileMaker Server. This would make shared hosting a lot easier.

Specify password requirements by calculation.
Currently, we can specify a minimum password length. It would be nice to be able to add more complex requirements via a calculation formula, and therefore require that users set strong passwords.

FileMaker Go Premium
A paid version of FileMaker Go that does not count as a concurrent connection when connecting to a file hosted on FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Lite
Something along the lines of FileMaker Go, but for the desktop. No support for working with layouts, changing the database’s schema, or anything like that. 99.99% of my clients have no need for 99.99% of FileMaker Pro's functionality.

So what's on your FileMaker Wish List?