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EasySync: Another Progress Report

There's a lot of progress to report on EasySync. Here's the latest...

Segmented Payloads. Payloads pushed to and pulled from the server are passed as script parameters, and broken into "segments" when necessary (to avoid the 1-million character limits of Perform Script on Server's script parameters and script results). That means there are no table occurrences in the mobile database that reference tables in the hosted database. It also means that we can really close the hosted database when the sync process completes.

Easy deployment. You only have to add one table to the hosted database, and one to the mobile database, and one layout to each. Also, all of the scripts have been coded in such a way that very little is hard-coded -- so script steps like "Set Field" and "Go to Layout" no longer need to be modified after you've added them to your databases.

Easy configuration. There are easy-to-use, and well documented settings scripts on both the mobile and server side.

Device whitelist, blacklist, and "wipelist" support. You can limit the devices that can sync by whitelisting and blacklisting device "persistent IDs." You can also "remote wipe" FileMaker data from specified mobile devices, so if a device is compromised (lost or stolen) you can protect the FileMaker data on it.

I'm hoping to release EasySync to beta later this week. Follow me on Twitter (@tdietrich) for updates.