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EasyAudit: Update and Sneak Peak

I've continued to make a lot of progress on EasyAudit, a new open source auditing / logging solution for the FileMaker platform.

First, here's a short video showing EasyAudit in action...

Here is what you can expect to find in the initial beta release of EasyAudit:

• Support for logging new records and changes to existing records.
• The audit log will include field-level changes, and will show each field's current and previous value.
• Support for logging repeating fields.
• Support for logging container fields.
• Support for logging record deletions, imported records, records modified using "Replace Field Contents."
• Support for logging record views, whether a record is being viewed individually (via Form view) or as part of a found set (via List view or Table view).
• Support for logging user logins and logouts.
• Support for logging ad-hoc events such as checkpoints, errors, etc.

The beta will be delivered in the form of a demo database, including the EasyAudit table, script, etc. Directions will be included so that you can easily implement EasyAudit in your own solutions. Implementation takes about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the number of tables that are in your solution, the number of layouts that you want audit changes from, etc. (Additional time is needed to implement logging of deletions, imports, etc.)

Beta 2 & Support for Rollbacks

Support for rollbacks will be included in the second beta release of EasyAudit. My work in this area has been interesting. You can easily restore single values, entire batches of changes, restore deleted records, and more. I find that restoring contents of container fields to be particularly interesting. (It works like a charm!)

Due to the limitations of FileMaker's native "ExecuteSQL" function, a third-party plugin that includes an "SQL" function and support for INSERTs and UPDATEs will be required for rollbacks. I'm planning to include support for two of my favorite plugins: The MBS FileMaker Plugin (by MonkeyBread Software) and the BaseElements Plugin (by Goya). The demo database will include an example of how to implement rollbacks of batches, individual field values, restoration of deleted records, and more.

Things are looking good for an initial beta release of EasyAudit this Friday. As always, you can check for updates here on my blog, on the new EasyAudit Web site, or on Twitter.