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Introducing EasyAudit: An "EasySync-like" Approach to Auditing FileMaker Databases

Now that the dust has settled from this year's DevCon, and with the summer coming to a close in a few weeks, I've been shifting my attention to some of the personal projects that have been "on hold" for awhile. I'm happy to announce one of them today...

The project is called "EasyAudit," and it takes an "EasySync-like" approach to the task of auditing FileMaker databases. Simple, easy to implement, and... wait for it... open source.

Here are my goals for EasyAudit:

• Use only native FileMaker functionality. No plug-ins, and preferably no custom functions.
• Make it as easy as possible to setup and configure.
• It should have a small footprint. The number of additional fields, tables, table occurrences, and relationships should be minimal.
• The number of script triggers needed should be kept to a minimum.
• Make it as fast as possible. The auditing should have little to no impact on performance.
• It needs to seamlessly support the logging of parent and child records.
• It needs to support the logging of containers.
• It will be open source.


I just started working on the project this week, and so far, progress has been good. The auditing function needs only a single script trigger (an "OnRecordCommit" trigger on the layouts that you want to audit). There's one table involved, and so far, it's very thin (three fields). One additional layout. And two additional fields need to be added to the tables that you want to audit. How's that for easy?


Again, this project is at a very early stage, and there is a lot to be done. But I'm excited by the early progress, and looking forward to getting EasyAudit to a point where I can start to demo it. If all goes well, that should be sometime in late September or early October.

Look for updates here on my blog, or over on Twitter.