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FileMaker Digest: Progress Report

Things are moving along nicely on the FileMaker Digest front.

The initial design and foundation of the site is nearly complete, and there's a screenshot included below showing the progress and the direction that I'm going in.

The site's design, both on the front and back ends, is simple. On the front end, it uses only HTML and CSS, making it naturally responsive. There's no Javascript, unless you count the code for Google Analytics. Not surprisingly, the backend has been developed using FM WebFrame and quite a bit of code that I've repurposed from FM Blogger. The database behind the site is, of course, a custom FileMaker database, and I'm hosting it using my semi-private Open Remote service.

Development time so far: Approximately 3 hours. I think that shows, once again, the power and flexibility that FM WebFrame provides.

Goals: Community First, Sponsors Second

As I've been working on FileMaker Digest, I've been trying to keep these goals in mind:

• Community first.
• Sponsors second.

"Community first" simply means that the primary goal is to provide FileMaker-related news to the community, and do it in a way that isn't annoying. The secondary goal is to make a little money in the process, and that's there the sponsors will (hopefully) come in.

I think that achieving both of these goals, without the site turning into an ad-filled mess, is possible. Here's how I plan to do that...

Only one banner will be displayed per page, and it will be displayed at the top of the page. You won't find any other ads strewn about the pages, mixed in with the content, etc. It frustrates me when other sites pull that crap. I'm not going to do it, even if it means leaving money on the table.

Outbound links will be clearly marked so you will will always know when you'll be leaving the site. Outbound links will open in new tabs. And I'll always link directly to the source.

The original content that we publish (articles, interviews, etc) will be hosted on the FileMaker Digest site, with full credit given to the author, and a link to their site and/or social media profiles.

Sponsorship Details

You can help support the site by sponsoring it. In return, you can have a banner ad appear on the site.

The price depends on how long you want to commit:
• $100 for a single month
• $275 for a quarter
• $1,000 for a year

Here are more details about the sponsorships:
• Only one banner will be displayed per page. No kidding.
• Banners will only appear at the top of the page, below the header and above the content.
• The product or service being advertised must be relevant to FileMaker. Duh!
• Banners can be up to 600px wide, and up to 72px high.
• Animated GIFs are allowed - but no crazy stuff, please!
• Banners will be hosted by us.
• Banners will be randomly selected for each page view.
• Click-thrus go directly to whatever URL you desire. I won't be tracking those.
• Similarly, I will not be tracking ad impressions.
• To get the quarterly and yearly rates, pre-payment is required.

Employment Ads Will Be Free

Sure, I could monetize job listings. But is that the right thing to do?

I don't think so, and so job listings will appear in the feed, free of charge.

Full Transparency

As I said above, I'll be using Google Analytics to track the site's activity. At the end of each month, I will share everything that I get from get from that, including page views, trafiic sources, demographics, etc. I think this full transparency is important, as it gives current and potential sponsors the information that they need to make informed decisions about sponsoring the site.

Want to Help?

Here's how you can help me get this thing going:

• Spread the word. Let others know that the site is coming.
• Send me your FileMaker-related news. A link, a brief paragraph, whatever. If it's newsworthy, let me know about it.
• Consider becoming a sponsor.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about all of this, and answer any questions that you have. Please leave comments below.