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FileMaker Digest

So today I officially announced FileMaker Digest. You know, because I don't have enough to do already.

But seriously, this is something that I've been thinking about doing for years now. And with my recent change in business / career / life stategy, it makes sense to do it now. Or at least I think and hope it does.

So what will FileMaker Digest be? A single, reliable, comprehensive, no-nonsense source for things that matter to those of us in the FileMaker community.

You'll find all sorts of things on the site. And it will be a Web site, not the dorky PDF newsletter thing-a-ma-jig that I once imagined it would be.

I'm talking about product news and reviews, how-to's, tips and tricks, event information. Original content, including articles on the business side of "doing FileMaker," career info and advice, success stories and case studies, interviews...

The one thing that all of those things will have in common is that they will be relevant to the FileMaker community. No crap. No filler. No regurgitated content that's been re-Tweeted 9 billion times.

And yes, there will be blood ads. And they will be all over the place. You won't be able to click without hitting one. And pop-ups and pop-unders and interstitials, too... You won't know what hit you!

Ok, sorry. Yes, there will be ads. But not many of them. And they won't be presented in an annoying way. And like the content itself, the ads will be relevant to FileMaker. You won't see a Candy Crush ad on the site. I promise. I think.

Will this work? I don't know. But I'm giving it a try...

Because why the hell not? It's interesting to me. I think it fills a gap left by the untimely deaths of FileMaker Advisor and FMWebSchool's newsletter. And because it could be fun. And because I love to write. And because I love FileMaker. And because for me, writing + FileMaker sounds like a winning combination. And because it's time to do something new. Something that I feel passionate about.

To learn more, jump over to the admittedly terrible looking placeholder site and sign up for the newsletter so that I can start spamming you sooner than later.

Ok, kidding again. I need less coffee and more alcohol.

No, I don't.