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FileMaker Case Study: ICD-10-CM Code Reference Guides

How did I publish 21 medical code reference books, covering over 43,000 codes and totaling nearly 10,000 pages, in just a matter of days?

Using FileMaker, of course.

I started with a custom FileMaker database - the same database that powers the ICD-10 Research Web site. Then, using a few FileMaker scripts, I created a process that transforms raw XML data into HTML code blocks. And finally, using tools provided by Amazon, I combined the HTML, cover images, and a few other resources to generate Kindle e-books.

The entire project - from concept to finished product - took only three days.

The ICD-10-CM Code Reference Guides series provides detailed information on the 43,000+ diagnosis codes that the United States is scheduled to implement in October of this year. The books have been designed to provide healthcare professionals with an alternative means of accessing the code information.

This is another great example of FileMaker's power and flexibility, and how it can be used to work with large amounts of data in creative ways.

Click here to learn more about the books, or visit Amazon.com to order.