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FileMaker: Advice on Training

A FileMaker user from California wrote:

If you had been programming in FileMaker for a couple years and had a limited amount of capital to invest in learning, would you attend the FileMaker Developers Conference or sign up for an intermediate training course?

My response:

I think it depends on what type of training works best for you.

I tend to learn more quickly when reading a book (or Web sites, etc) and experimenting. If you’re the same way, I would pick up a few books, including FileMaker’s own FTS training materials, and spend some time with them.

However, if learning by example works best for you, then there are video training options - including FileMaker training available through Lynda.com. If instructor-led classroom settings work best for you, then I’d recommend the intermediate training course.

And finally, there’s DevCon. While there are training opportunities at DevCon, and plenty of great sessions, I think it’s kind of "drinking from a firehose.” The information comes at you so quickly that it is difficult to digest. (DevCon can also be quite expensive!)

I’m not sure if I’ve answered your question. "It depends” is never a good answer, I suppose. But hopefully I’ve given you a few things to think about.