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FileMaker Addict Relaunched, And More Dog Food

Last night I relaunched FileMaker Addict, a web site where I publish interviews with members of the FileMaker community. It's a site that I've run in one form or another since 2005. It's a personal project for me, and I appreciate the opportunity that it gives me to learn more about the people in our relatively small community.

This relaunch was a bit of a milestone for two reasons: It not only included the first new interview in about a year, but it also involved a migration from what had been a WordPress-based site to one running on FMWebFrame (with a FileMaker database on the back end). The entire development process took only about an hour, which I believe is a testament to FMWebFrame's power and ease-of-use, and it shows just how far it has come since its initial release 6 months ago. Talk about eating your own dog food!

With the relaunch comes a renewed commitment to the site. I've already got several awesome interviews lined up, and plan to release one every week.

If you are interested in being interviewed on FileMaker Addict, please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!