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Evernote Business Certified Consultant

I'm excited to announce that I am now an official Evernote Business Certified Consultant. This certification is used by Evernote to recognize Evernote experts who have completed comprehensive Evernote Business training.

As I wrote back in July of 2013, "Every note, thought, idea that I have goes into Evernote. This includes call and meeting notes, important emails, project info, reference and technical info - everything!" Since then, Evernote has played an increasingly important role in my life, both personally and professionally. I even used it to write my first book, and I blogged about that here.

As an Evernote Business Certified Consultant, I'll be helping individuals and organizations use Evernote to improve productivity and efficiency, solve problems, and achieve goals. I'll work with clients to design custom Evernote workflows that meet their unique needs.

Evernote Business is a special tier of Evernote designed for use by teams and organizations. Think of it as a team or company-wide deployment of Evernote Premium accounts, with special benefits that include:

• Data retention. Work done in business notebooks stays with the team/company even when employees or clients move on. Personal notebooks and content remain separate.
• Effective information sharing. The team/company home is a centralized hub for one-to-everyone communication.
• Simple account management. The admin console/dashboard makes it easy to add new users, and as a measurement tool, see how much content individuals are contributing to their projects.
• Knowledge discovery. Evernote’s Context features display notes relevant to what you’re working on in realtime from other team members—both current AND past. It can even suggest people in the company who might know about the topic being researched or written about. These powerful features are available only for business deployments.
• Centralized, simple billing. One bill for everyone’s subscription.
• Dedicated account management. Companies with 25 or more users work with a member of our account management team to assist them with deployment and offer ongoing guidance.

I'll be writing more about Evernote Business soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me.