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EasySync: Version 1.3 Released

This afternoon, I released EasySync version 1.3. This release resolves a few bugs that had been reported since the previous release (v1.2, which was released in June).

EasySync v1.3 resolves the following issues.

Capitalization Changes Not Applied
This issue was resolved in EasySync v1.3.
In cases where the only change to a text field involves how the text is capitalized, the change will not be applied. For example, changing a value from "FMEasySync" to "fmeasysync" (or vice versa), will cause the record to be synced, but the change will not be applied. This is due to code in EasySync that is intended to prevent unnecessary field-level modifications, which, in solutions that use logging, would result in excessive logging. The "fix" is to update the payload processing scripts so that the the comparison of the original and new values are evaluated with the Exact function. (Thanks go to Crispin Hodges for reporting this issue.)

Issues with Repeating Fields
This issue was resolved in EasySync v1.3.
If you are syncing a field that has a large number of repetitions, some of the repetitions might be ignored by EasySync. This is due to the way that ExecuteSQL cases values as text during the query against the FileMaker_Fields virtual table. The affected scripts are "Push Payload” on the mobile side and "Prepare Payload for Client” on the server side. The bug will will be resolved in the next release. In the meantime, if you would like to manually resolve the issue, adjust line 76 of "Prepare Payload for Client" (in the hosted database) so that the "Exit Loop If" script step uses this calculation: $r > GetAsNumber ( $field_reps ). In the mobile side, make a similar adjustment to line 58 of the "Push Payload" script. (Thanks to Paul Jansen for reporting this issue.)

Pull-Only Configurations Fail
This issue was resolved in EasySync v1.3.
If all of the tables that are being synced are "pull-only," then EasySync will throw an error indicating that "There are no tables configured for synching," and it will not proceed to the "pull" phase of the sync process.

EasySync 1.3 is available for download from the EasySync Web site, located at fmeasysync.com. Detailed information about the changes that were made are available in the Change Log, which is located in the EasySync zip file.

Thank you to all of EasySync's users who have been providing feedback, reports of errors, suggestions, and more.