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EasySignature: An Open Source Signature Capture Solution for the FileMaker Platform

This morning I released FMEasySignature, an open source solution for capturing signatures in FileMaker databases. It is a technique for capturing signatures and optionally storing them in FileMaker databases. It is ideal for solutions that require signature capture, such as delivery receipts, contracts and agreements, etc.

We've had the ability the capture signatures in FileMaker Go for quite some time now. However, FMEasySignature brings signature capture to desktop based solutions as well, supporting users of both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced. And with FMEasySignature, signatures are captured in a Web viewer, so you can position the signature pad wherever you would like on a layout. You can also configure FMEasySignature's "pen," including it's width, color, and more. It's entirely native, requiring no plugins, and no external Web services.

FMEasySignature was originally implemented as a signature capture solution for a Custom Web Publishing solution that I've been working on. I have a client who needs to capture signatures on contracts, which are made available online. After completing the project, it occurred to me that the technique could also be used directly within FileMaker databases, via the Web viewer layout object, and that the signatures could then be placed into container fields using an FMP URL callback.

To download FMEasySignature, visit fmeasysignature.com.